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I saw Pat sitting alone drinking a coffee one day and I was stopped in my tracks. Here was this tough and rugged man with a long grey beard and a cowboy hat. I just had to photograph him.

Pat doesn’t have a place to call home except the trailer he tows behind his old Dodge Ram. He is a mystical man that goes where he feels led. He has lived in Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming and Australia. He’s worked in the oil field, he’s been a hunter, a fisherman and is currently doing carpentry work out of his trailer.

He looks tough and rugged on the outside, but there is a gentleness about Pat that can only be experienced, not described. He is a man that knows how to live off the land while also respecting it. He has a deep love for creation and says we have a lot to learn from indigenous people on taking care of the land.​​​​​​​


Here's a video of me telling the story and going into more detail on how I captured the shots.


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