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Реабилитационная ферма

There is a farm located two and a half hours by car outside of Moscow. This isn't your typical farm. It's a farm owned by a local church where people who have struggled with drug addiction, alcoholism, etc. go for rehabilitation. This rehab center is different than most rehab centers. Residents live here for six months. They grow a majority of their own food. They raise and slaughter their own animals. They walk out into the forrest to cut down their own lumber and fire wood. They cook for each other and take care of the house together. They become a family and learn what it means to support themselves and each other. The church says that its desire is for each person that lives at the farm to know that their past does not define them, that they have value and can contribute to society. But most importantly that they are loved and wanted in this world. 

A girl that struggled with addiction that is now free

This is the forrest where they cut down all their own lumber. They use this lumber to build any new structures they may need to house animals or for firewood to cook with.


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